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Ryobi 7510

Nr ref 2154
Name Ryobi 7510
Year of prod. 2007
Impressions 110
Condition in production
Age: 2007
Max.Size: 78 x 60 cm (30 x 23 inch)
Current State: In production
Colors: 10
Impress.Count: 110 mio
Extras: | Perfector | Ink Remote Control
hybrid machine for UV color print 

optional equipment : 
Automatic Plate Changer 
Printing Density Control System PDS-E Spectro Jet, Paper Size Preset Systém 
Impression Pressure Preset System 
(includes program-controlled impression cylinder cleaning function) 
Automatic Blanket Cleaning Device 
Automatic Ink Roller Cleaning Device 
Automatic Dampening Solution Supply Device 
Intermediate Tank for Dampening Solution Cooling / Circulation Device 
RYOBI-matic-D Continuous Dampening System with Hickey 
Removing Function